The design of the VRK-1200 kW screw-steering column has been developed, with a new type of power pl ( Transport )

The new solution allows you to get away from the large unit capacity of the hydraulic pump by replacing it with several hydraulic pumps of lower capacity of standard equipment produced by domestic manufacturers, which will undoubtedly reduce the cost and strengthen the technological independence of domestic production. In addition , a hydraulic motor developed by our company using the principle of a twin-screw machine with internal engagement of screws was used in the design, which allowed the power plant to be located in the gondola in the Republic of Kazakhstan. This arrangement allows you to increase the efficiency of the hydraulic drive, as well as reduce the size of the ship's engine room, increasing the space used for commercial purposes.

Download: 3D model


  • Rated torque: Hm.
  • Gear ratio number:

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