A single-stage three-flow gearbox has been developed ( Extraction and processing of raw materials )

According to the technical specification of the customer, a single-stage three-flow gearbox has been developed to replace the imported three-stage gearbox FAF77 DV100M2 from SEW Eurodrive. The developed gearbox has an internal gearing built with a difference of two teeth with maximum efficiency and overlap greater than 1. Two engines are used in the design, with a power in the range from 1.5x2 to 2.2x2 kW.

The developed gearbox has the following advantages:
1. High load capacity;
2. Low contact voltages;
3. Has a higher efficiency compared to the prototype (convex concave contact);
4. Low relative speeds in gearing (the speed is reduced by 10 times);
5. High gear ratio in one stage.


Download 3D model: Gearbox РПД2-17-320


  • Weight: 150 kg.
  • Rated torque: 320 Hm.
  • Gear ratio number: 17

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