The reducer for the trubogib machine is developed ( General machine building )

The drive for the trubogib machine was developed on the basis of a planetary gearbox with a preliminary stage of CJSC Technology Market patent RU2677952. The developed gearbox has a flange mount and two types of output shaft design. This design makes it possible to use this gearbox as an on-board drive of tracked vehicles, winch gearboxes, as well as shut-off valve drives.

1) Gear ratio U = 200;
2) The output torque of M out = 5000 Nm;
3) durability of 7 000 hours;
4) Efficiency of more than 90%;
5) Gearbox weight:
a) Version 1 m = 140 kg;
b) Version 2 m = 124 kg.

This design allows you to implement the gear ratios
U = 150 ... 3500.

Reducer for the pipe bending machine version 1(3D)

Herunterladen: Редуктор для станка трубогиба исп. 2(3D)

Parameters of a similar drive with a PCR gearbox (efficiency 80%).

Main technical characteristics
Model Nnom, kW Мnom, Nm Мnom, Nm nnom, rpm nмах, rpm A number of gear ratios Weight, kg
ПЦР400 5,5 6000 1200 1200 2400 23, 29, 35, 41, 47, 59, 71, 83, 95, 107, 119, 143, 167, 191 105

The torque shown in the table is provided for operating modes of PV<50%.
For continuous operation, the amount of torque should be reduced by 1.25 times.

Model Engine type D, mm L, mm L1, mm L2, mm Н, mm Н1, mm
ПЦР400 132S6 400 600 132 151 350 132

Relative comparative characteristics with RP-TM-200-5000:
1.PCR has a larger overall diameter
2.PCR efficiency is less (85%)
3.When the PV operating mode is >50%, the PCR has a drop in characteristics (with continuous operation)

Analog with a three-stage planetary gearbox (weight~700 kg, efficiency <90%)

Relative comparative characteristics with RP-TM-200-5000: 1. The analogue has a large mass (700 kg)


  • Rated torque: Hm.
  • Gear ratio number:

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