Preliminary designs of piston-free compressors have been developed ( General machine building )

Preliminary designs of piston-free compressors have been developed (application "Piston-free mechanism of a piston machine, application RU No. 2021137701"). These compressor units have relatively small overall dimensions and high performance, do not require high manufacturing accuracy. Our installations do not use a crank mechanism, as well as there is no node with synchronizing gears, which reduces the cost and increases the service life of the installation.

Technical specifications:
- The power of the electric motor is 18.5 kW;
- Motor shaft rotation speed 3000ob/min;
- Compressor capacity 3m3/min.

Below are 3 versions of the compressor unit.

Download: Compressor unit 1 option

Download: Compressor unit 2 option

Download: Compressor unit 3 option

Results of calculation of bearing durability


  • Rated torque: Hm.
  • Gear ratio number:

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