Hybrid Electric Bicycle Drive Developed ( Transport )

The structure of the developed bicycle electric drive includes: an electric motor, a generator, a multiplier and a gearbox with a battery pack (scheme of the Prius hybrid car). Control is carried out from the connected device (smartphone) via bluetooth connection.

Modes set by bluetooth:
1. The driving mode is not due to the rotation of the pedals by the cyclist (the electric drive is disabled).
2. Mode of assistance to the cyclist by means of an electric drive.
3. Electric driving mode, without pedaling by the cyclist.

The advantages of the developed drive:
- Constant torque applied to the pedals at different speeds of the bike (when descending and ascending).
- During the descent, the batteries are recharged through a multiplier with a generator.
- When lifting, the electric motor is automatically turned on, driving the gearbox.


  • Rated torque: Hm.
  • Gear ratio number:

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